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Deprive the unworthy = The ultimate improved SCS Beholder ray of death?

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So I'm not sure if many npcs use Deprive the Unworthy, but the other day I ran across of a pack of Fampyres, Darguls and one named paladin of Berath in the Russetwood.

I put my anti charm armor on with which I have 177 defense against charm, only to get repeatedly charmed and whenever not charmed hit like crazy.

I died once or twice, before I realized I had to split that group of enemies up, died once more until I realized I had to split the Fampyres from the paladin.

When I fought the paladin and one Dargul in the end, I stil got hit like crazy and had to heal several times to not die.

I checked my defenses and they were down to 68 DEF, REF and WI and 48 FORT. :D

The only debuff on me: Deprive the unworthy.

So I checked my status effects and not only were my aura, modal and F+C supressed, but all my item buffs from the items I wore were gone.

They were not even suppressed, just gone. ^^

This surpasses BG2 SCS beholder rays by far, those took of all buffs, too, but they didn't suppress the items I wear, lol.

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That's weird and I think that this is not intended. Since enemies normally don't wear items with "+x to something" you won't experience such effects when you use Deprive on them. ;)


I never noticed that because I play with a full party most of the time - but as a solo guy this can really be deadly then. :)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Deprive the Unworthy is pretty buggy, it also has no save and just 'affects' anyone you use it on like if it was a friendly effect rather than getting a hit/crit/graze/miss (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/79617-deprive-the-unworthy-autohit/). Makes the Thaos fight kind of a joke and enemy paladins way more dangerous than they should be.


This should probly be Technical support as another bug.

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It felt buggy to me too.

Well, since you don't have the same effect against enemies I guess it doesn't matter too much, but if there was PvP, this would be the first skill to need a total overhaul. :D

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