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White March Part 2 question

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Hello all!


Just finished this great game and also the first expansion - White March Part 1.

So I have the following question: the second expansion,  White March Part 1, will start like the first one - in the middle of the game, or it's set after the final of the main game? 



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After WMP1 most probably.


Also after the main game expansions are so old fashioned apparently. Everything has to be optional, you can do whenever you want. f.i. We'll see Geralt miles south of where the main game takes place in Witcher 3 expansion Blood & Wine but ıt'll most probably set during the main game events, somehow he'll find the time to travel there while everything waits for him back in north. Like our watcher's mind stops going crazy in White March.

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Part one was weird in that it gave a questline kind of set in the main game that was considerably harder than the actual expansion area. In order to satisfy difficulty junkies, they might do the same thing. Just don't try one new area from WM2 get a stomping, and not try the rest. As long as your the appropriate level for the specic area, you should still have a lot of leeway in how you progress. Assuming it's like WM1.

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