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Hi Boeroer, this is another build I really like. In my first playthrough Hiravias was great as Batsh!t :thumbsup: .


1. As PC, would mig:16, con:12, dex:15, per:10, int:15, res:10 and Ring of Thorns instead of Orlan Bramble make him too squishy? Main reason: quicker casting.

Difficulty: Hard; Party: Eder (Universal Misanthrope), Aloth (Hurtstacker), MaxQuest's Fire Priest, Kana (Ambassador), Pallegina (Fire General).


2. The Retaliation-Avenging Storm-Combo got nerfed afaik. Does it still make sense to go with, let's say, Hiro's Mantle & Sura's Supper Plate? Deadfire Company Belt because of Flame Shield? And if not, would Little Savior & Blaidh Golan (Preservation) be an option?


Greetings, A.

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Hi. I don't think that there will be a problem with squishyness because of some stat points.


Little Savior + Blaidh Golan sounds great.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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