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NPCs react to stealing even when they don't see you



There are 4 things that can happen when you steal, depending on the reaction the NPCs can have (I’ve called Type 1 the NPCs that will attack you if you are caught and Type 2 those that won’t).


Type 1 possible reactions:

  1. You are caught, they attack you and your reputation decreases.
  2. You are not caught, nothing happens.


Type 2 possible reactions:

  1. You are caught, a NPC tells you off and your reputation decreases.
  2. You are not caught, a NPC tells you off.


2.2 is bugged, the NPC didn’t see you stealing (otherwise your reputation would have decreased), but their line is still triggering as if they did. 


Picture of Aloth stealing successfully (reputation not decresing) but the NPC line still triggering: 



This has been broken since the beginning I think, not really an installation/saved game issue.

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So I started a new game and I've seen that this has been fixed for the location I used as an example (Aufra's House in Gilded Vale):


Stealing and being caught: http://i.imgur.com/yBlvhKx.jpg

Stealing successfully for being hidden: http://i.imgur.com/he9ZOdg.jpg


Which of course makes more sense and seems like the way it was intended to work.


However, the rest of the locations are working the same as they did before:





Stealing being hidden makes no difference whatsoever.

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