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Spawning out of bounds when entering maps.



I am playing with expansion and when entering certain maps either my characters spawn in out of bounds black area or my camera gets stuck somewhere out of bounds where all I see is darkness with arrows showing me the direction my characters off on screen. Opening map only shows black or what I see.



As you can see my characters are in a black area and they cannot move or do any actions but you can see a little in front of them there seems to be a piece of the actual map visible which I guess just happened to be in vision range.


I tried reloading but same thing happens when I try to access area again. Anyone else experience this or how to fix it? I couldn't find people who had this ...

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Hello Bluedemonfox,


What version of the game are you on? If you are on Steam, have you tried verifying your game cache? 



I am on GOG galaxy client with the game version 2.03.0788 PX1. I have done a verify/repair and it seems to have fixed the problem. I will report back if I happen to encounter the problem again.



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