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Why can't everyone carry 4 weapon sets (like in icewinddale 2) or at least 3... I like to have a ranged weapon, and primary hand-to-hand and a secondary hand-to-hand either with more reach or doing a different damage type. I mean, I can carry 300 suits of armour and a weapons shop worth of arms, so why do I need to waste a skill slot when I level up buying the extra weapons slot. Are the any mods that give everyone 3 weapon slots?

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Someone being able to carry 1)Spear + shield, 2)Sword + dagger/stiletto, 3)Warbow, 4)Pike all these in one character and swap them on the go, sounds reasonable... no really...


PS: Sadly it's still possible with aumaua racial + talent even though one wouldn't be able to move let alone fight in that kind of gear, but then again it's just fantasy so why the hell not there are dragons out there after all. :facepalm:

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I could go on and on about this.  IMO, this is a reason why I think that it's so difficult (at least for me) to not use an Island Aumaua for a melee character, because I find having at least 3 weapon slots to be so incredibly valuable.  Honestly, much more so than for pretty much any other racial special ability.  Sort of int he same way that I find the Wood Elven special ability ("Ranged Advantage") to be so valuable that it's hard to not use Wood Elves for any ranged character.


Personally, I see this as a flaw in the character generation system.  IMO, none of the special abilities should be so good that it causes a given race or sub-race to seem like not taking it would be to create a character that was less than it could be.


I don't have a really solid alternative to this, though I suppose that instead of having racial special abilities, maybe every character could be given a single Talent point at creation.  And perhaps the list from which you could choose might be somewhat limited so as to not allow for overly powerful 1st level characters.

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