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Resolution selection is broken since Day 1 - where can I officially report bugs?



Ever since the original release of this game, DSR downscaling or custom resolution downscaling has been broken.


I have a 1080p monitor, but I can use NVidia DSR (and/or AMD's equivalent feature) to create a 4K resolution and then downscale from 4K to 1080p. Using NVidia DSR (and/or AMD's equivalent feature) is identical to simply creating custom resolution, but NVidia DSR (and/or AMD's equivelant feature) simply makes it easier and more compatible with games. This effect of downscaling from custom / DSR 4K resolution to 1080p is pretty much the same as using 1080p with 4x SSAA, which greatly improves image quality and does a much better than in-game 4x-5x MSAA.


The problem lies in the fact that all other games that allow the selection of custom DSR resolutions (like 4K in this example) in FullScreen mode actually apply that resolution to the game. Pillars of Eternity does NOT. PoE can only use DSR/custom resolution if that resolution is already applied to Desktop. Other games do not require that. Other games apply custom DSR resolutions (4K in this example) without requiring Desktop to be set at those resolutions. That means my Desktop can be set to native 1080p, but a game (otherside than PoE) uses custom DSR resolution (4K). Why can't it be the same way with PoE? Requiring Desktop to be set to the same custom DSR resolution is plain wrong and unnessary. It is very annoying too.


What are the official channels through which I can report this major bug to the developers???

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i suggest you set desktop rez to the one you want the game to launch at "normally", as if you weren't gonna downsample, then use the DS tool, be it gedosato or whatever. it should work then.

also it won't work if you have multiple monitors. or a Mac.

might not work as well because... unity.

unity engine games will only ever launch in the actual, factual true-blue resolution that you wish them to ONLY IF YOU SET THE GAME TO THE SAME REZ AS THE DESKTOP.



*NOTE: true-blue = verified by using LCD monitor's information menu option to see the rez actually being used.

*NOTE 2: some unity games may require you to set the resolution you want the game to use (i.e. the same one you just set your desktop to, to play the game) by editing the game's registry entries. PoE is one such case. easy to do. wasteland as well before it got its first patches.

NOTE 3: unity engine games also never, ever, EVER support vsync. it's straight up broken in all unity games, regardless of whether you set it on and are using a tool that tells you onscreen hey man, vsync is on! etc, NO. NO. this can be verified by using a tool to see the latency in-game in milliseconds. radeonpro does it, for amd. you can then do a simple math division with the refresh rate and the resolution and you'll see it's not synced.

also it's obvious cos they tear. 

unfortunately unity will never be good, this resolution issue you bring up is officially a bonafied "feature" of the engine and not a bug, and probability of unity 5 update being good is... sub-zero.

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I can very much use 4K to 1080p downscaling/downsampling in PoE when I set my Desktop to 4K DSR resolution. What I was saying is that it shouldn't be like that. No other games requires that.


Doesn't Wasteland 2 use Unity? Both vanilla Wasteland 2 and Wasteland 2 Director's Cut allow you to use custom 4K DSR resolution with desktop resolution set to 1080p. Obviously, it had little to do with Unity engine and a lot to do with how it was utilized. Wasteland 2 also uses V-Sync just fine and so does PoE for me (never got a single tear thus far), even with variable framerate and no G-Sync.

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