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Hi everyone, I was considering making my character a witch hunter since I was a fan of it in D&D, however I'm not too sure on how to start off, like what starting class to pick. Any advice would be great, thank you.

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witch hunter hmm

how about a Paladin character, with talents in
- Weapon Focus: Knight (longsword, battle-axe, morning-star, and crossbow) talent pick on lvl. 2
Spirit Hunter talent (increased damage and accuracy versus spirits, ghosts, specters, and the like, who are actually some of the most annoying enemies in the game so this will serve you well regardless of role-play) talent pick on lvl. 4
- Sanctifier (increased damage and accuracy versus Vessel enemies, such as Constructs, Vampires, and the games version of Witches called Adragans, also animated objects like the Animat, and so forth) talent pick on lvl. 6

you find a wickedly cool looking longsword relatively early in the game, inside Caed Nua (you reach that place around level 3 or 4, if playing normally) that comes specced specifically for slaying Spirits and it also looks awesome glowing fiery red. It has a good enchantment on it as well called Reliable that makes it more accurate, basically (it's more technical than that, but that's the end result) which will come in handy once you start facing enemies with high Deflection.

you also find a Witch Hunter-type themed crossbow inside the mega dungeon on level 8 that grants holy powers, which will fit nicely with the theme. there is more stuff but i don't want to spoil everything.

for the odd-numbered levels i recommend picking:

- lvl. 1 Flames of Devotion
- lvl. 3 and onwards feel free to pick paladin abilities as you like, since they're almost all good anyway. hard to go wrong.

around lvl. 9 or so you unlock the paladin ability rightous soul which i think will put the cherry on the witch hunter theme as it protects against mind-affecting spells and the like. very useful, and i always take it. 

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I'm not sure what the OP means by a witch.  An evil (?) female wizard?  Some sort of undead mage?  I don't know.


As for aweigh's suggestion, it looks like some sort of Undead Hunter, which isn't a bad idea, though invest 2 of your 6 talent points into slaying talents may be a bit much.  The upside is that there are plenty of undead things to kill in this game, but arguably it may make the character a little too focused on a certain type of monster and leaves him weak against everything else.  It's debatable.


Anyways ...


If one was going to go whole hog on an Undead Hunter, one might also want to invest in one of the Will defense talents, like Bull's Will or Mental Fortress.


Regardless, it is an interesting concept.  Paladins are probably uniquely qualified given their paladin abilities which can be tailored for the role.

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I thought he was talking about the Vin Diesel movie "The last Witch hunter"


I saw it today, thought it was pretty good.


Based on the movie I'd look for a Paladin build - great Sword, FoD, Sacred Immolation, Arquebus or maybe Ruffian for Sabres and Blunderbuss. Kind Wayfarer

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