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v2.03.0788 (Steam) Bug Report - Enemies Do Not Attack



Running Steam v 2.03.0788

running no mods.


Bug first showed up on 10/31/2015 when entering Heritage Hill for the first time. Since that time, enemies never advance or attack, exept on rare occasions when PCs approach to near melee range. Then sometimes one enemy will attack. But as soon as that enemy is downed, combat mode ends, and any other enemies in the group ignore the PCs.


I have tried restarting PC, re-launching Steam (to check for updates) and closing game and reloading multiple times. If I load an old save file from before the bug, the problem does not exist in the old save file. But I will lose a lot of game progress if I simply reload and re-play from the last surviving glitch-free save game file, so I would rather fix the problem than reload the old save file.


Save Files are too large to upload (exceed 507KB)

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Bug began immediately after entering Heritage Hill for the first time, on 10/31/2015


The bug goes away if I reload a save file from before 10/31. However, the latest good save file is pretty old and I'd rather the problem be fixed than have to reload an old save file.

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Merged the threads. Thanks for sharing, plneuber. Welcome to the boards and I hope you stick around to discuss.

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