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[GameBreaker] Dysfunctional Click UI + Cancel order !





Its a bug very annoying.






1) Go to the boss (Right bridge, Od Nua 8, throne Fampyr)

2) After the cinematic and battle begin, click on one of the portraits of allies.


= Normally the click does not give access to the " control bar " character.

Note: By moving the camera , it can temporarily be able to click !, but the problem persists when the camera is on the scene.


Worse, hammering the click , it becomes available but this can negate some previous orders (others companions for exemple) .



This bug happens relatively little throughout the game, but it is very annoying.



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OK GUYS... I found the problem...^^


Its A real problem of the game but i understand now why this ****.


In this map, (OD NUA level 8, there is Magnifying Glass And... a his description (Activated ? By a click...) just in position of the portraits IF the camera is centered on the room boss (the structure of adra and the throne)


So, the problem come from the game. THE UI is non-priority on the click.


So, this description disrupt the arrival at the "control bar" of the character. This is the reason for this bug.


Options :


- reduce the width of the "click area" description of the magnifying glass.

- Make UI pannel priority on the click when conflict arises.

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Hello theBalthazar,


If I am understanding correctly, if you have any character portrait over the magnifying glass, and you click on the portrait, the magnifying glass takes priority? If that is the case, this has been fixed in the beta and will be in the live 2.03 patch.


Thank you for your support.  

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