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[2.02] [Bug] Faithful Companion, charm durations



Faithful Companion talent reads:


+30 defense against charmed, dominated, confused attacks, -5 sec charmed, dominated, confused duration.


The reduced duration part of the talent description is not happening.  Tested with Itumaak (follower's fox) versus fungus spores, and +30 defense triggered from their confused attacks on the fox, but the fox suffered the same duration of confuse on a normal hit as my other pc's.

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I realize its been some time, but anyways...I started playing again.  Picking up where I left off...still bugged in 3.06.


Here you go:




Just send Itumaak into range of the nearest fungi, they shoot bolts of confusion, he'll either be hit for 8.4 sec confused or if it crits (and it often does) for 12.6 seconds.  This is exactly the same duration of confuse he would have got without the talent.  And the same duration a member of the party would receive.


There's no -5 seconds being subtracted, as per the description.  Since Itumaak has much lower mental stats than a human, and can't wear items, the +30 charm, dominate, confuse defense isn't enough to make a difference, since he still always fails and is usually still critted.  The upside of a -5 sec duration even if he failed is what made this talent appealing.

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