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Hirelings can't be removed/ Hireling issues



I've seen exact and similar issues while trodding around the forum for resolutions and haven't seen any listed.


Basically: I have 8/8 hirelings hired according to my Stronghold status. Only 6 of those 8 for me are currently interchangable, meaning there are 2 I have no access to changing. I managed to find one who is just chilling in my keep but haven't found the other. Killing them seems to change nothing, at least immediately. I have included two save files both before the issue and after I noticed it (go by dates) in the link below.


Like I said this seems to be a pretty common issue.







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Perhaps I'm missing something. I have white march installed and I looked and I'm definitely updated to 2.02. I've also saved and reloaded several times as well as have exited the game. I still can only see 6 hirelings as hired with 2 missing completely. 

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