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Rogue permanently undetectable



Have encountered a rather strange bug, though what teh cause of it is, I'm not totally sure. It appears that my rogue character (not the main character, but one I created in an inn) i impossible for enemies to detect or attack. 


This means that she can attack freely without getting attacked, and gets a permanent sneak attack and backstab bonus on EVERY hit. It doesn't seem to stop her activating plot sequences, but enemies won't be able to see her. It doesn't make a difference whether she's in scouting mode or not.


This persists through saves and reloads, though she certainly hasn't always had it, and I'm not sure exactly how far back it went, since I only noticed it recently, though she did seem to avoid getting damaged beyond AoE effects (which definitely do always affect her correctly).


I've even tried approaching enemies with ONLY her being present and attacking. The combat starts as usual, and persists, but enemies seem unable to detect her and just stand there while taking hits.


I have no mods active. I can only assume it's a bug with the Shadowing Beyond skill, since the dark shadowy-animation caused by that remains in constant effect on the rogue, and the effect matches - as if she were constantly dropping aggro from using it. 


Any ideas? It seems a bit silly with the absurd damage she does, not to mention complete immunity to mobs. Particularly when she's complaining of her weapon being ineffective and still doing quadruple the damage of everyone else in the party.


Thought it was worth raising as it's clearly rather unfair if it can be replicated, though I'm clueless as to how it happened in the first place beyond it being something to do with Shadowing Beyond.

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