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PoTD Trial of Iron Concelhaut defeated.....barely.

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So I won but it was not smooth....My entire party was level 14 except my druid at 13.  I think the fight was so sloppy because my entire team was knocked down for 15 seconds except my PC (Paladin).  Is that some blast wave he does at the start of the fight? Or did everyone except my Paladin eat a Crit Clear Out from the Death Guards?  I couldn't even tell why I was taking so much AOE damage.  I did notice he casted Malignent Cloud...maybe that was it.


I have to be honest it was looking bad and Me and Pallegina had to use Reviving Exhortation to get Hiravious and Zahua up....Basically I thought my Trial of Iron was over and Hiravious Crit with a Plague of Instects on Concelhaut.  He is weak to Crush so Durance finished him with a Pillar.  We then mopped up the rest.....That is by FAR the hardest fight in the game...its bad.  Pics below.


As you can see my party did not look good I got real tight and summoned those beetles...they died immediately...lol  I also tried to cheese him with a Scroll of Paralysis...most of his adds are immune..hah.  I had never seen the fight before so I was in a bit of a tight spot.




Difficulty and Mode (no expert this time)



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I blundered into him also, finally figured to draw his summons out of the room and kill most of them separately.

Eventually it came down to Durance and Eder on opposite sides of him, right at the door. Everyone was at their last dregs, Eder doing a couple of damage each hit, durance healing him and trying anything to do more damage to big C. It was literally down to a few more hits, either we were going down or he was within a few more seconds and finally Eder took him down. Hardest fight (outside of the dragons) in the game for sure.

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