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  1. I blundered into him also, finally figured to draw his summons out of the room and kill most of them separately. Eventually it came down to Durance and Eder on opposite sides of him, right at the door. Everyone was at their last dregs, Eder doing a couple of damage each hit, durance healing him and trying anything to do more damage to big C. It was literally down to a few more hits, either we were going down or he was within a few more seconds and finally Eder took him down. Hardest fight (outside of the dragons) in the game for sure.
  2. Just play it and enjoy it - don't overthink it. The whole point is to have something for your high level party to fight against since they would wipe the floor with almost anything else in the entire game at this point. Have fun! they'll come up with even crazier stuff for the expansion. My mistake was doing cragholt first before the rest of the expansion at level 12. So i made it through all those guys and then the main white march was less challenging.
  3. Interesting turn of discussion - I'd say from the overwhelming cultural impact of heels that indeed, men do like them. however for armor it's a joke of course, like boob plates or chain mail bikinis. Thing is, we're talking about a universe where you can have an undead zombie cat follow you for hundreds of miles, through caves, hotels and forests, walk through fireballs and ice storms without blinking an unnerving all-white eye. So, whatever the customers want.
  4. Looks like you guys answered my question too... Just finished WM after starting with level 12 characters. So there's nothing left in any part of the game world that I haven't done, except jump back down the hole and end the main game again. I guess basically save the leveling of the soulbound weapons for WM2?
  5. Yeah, another support vote for L. His example above would be nice. Maybe put the sketch into the Bestiary or something lol. It is appropriate and it would take the artists an hour or two tops for each one. They've drawn thousands of naked people during their careers. There's nothing to worry about with 'bad press' - there's no such thing. All it could do is drum up some more sales. Remember how Fox News had an interview with a psychologist when Mass Effect came out, claiming there were hardcore sex scenes? Someone asked that woman if she'd played the game and she said no. Total hypocrisy
  6. I seem to recall someone saying that all the woodcutters participated in the sack of the town, its a point of pride or something. So they were setting up that group battle. It would have been more impactful IMHO if they just had him alone, or with his kids nearby. Then let's see how we feel about justice. I decided to let him live at first, not using the lying option but just telling her he didn't burn her house down. Then thought about it, reloaded and upon re-reading the description of his soul reading, told her he was guilty. His memories specifically said he torched anything he could an
  7. Stupid question: I purchased and downloaded the DLC last night on Steam. Today I'm trying to play, and I can't figure out how to launch the White March! How do you run it? I've completed the main game on Easy already and have all my saves sitting there.
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