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Need some clarity on Patching for GoG

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Before I patch I want to get some clear info so I do not run into pink messes like I did with last patch.


I am on version 2.01 (GoG)

I want to get to the current version 2.02


I have Base Game Patch (GoG) The previous one was

I have White March Patch (GoG) The previous one was


For those who are on GoG you already know the patch version numbers they use have no correlation to the actual official game patch number (except for in house I guess)


My questions:

Are these the correct patches for GoG to get to 2.0.2?

Do I install them both and in what order?

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I am unsure why Obsidian cant just make a patch that checks for expansion installation and then patches accordingly.

This double patching on top of not knowing what the hell number correlates to what is so sloppy.


Yes been following that post but I am not able to find anything concrete relating to 2.02 just 2.01.

I would think its probably the same strange double patch process but I want to make sure.


I realize that GoG has to keep their own version numbers since they are wrapping it but they could add a suffix or prefix with the actual game number to their versions.

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Yah I already re-downloaded once because I had a big pink mess in Stalwart.


When I did it I installed the base game then White March.  Then White March Patch and and the version did not change nor would my saves load.  Then I decided to use the Base Game patch and the version updated and my save games loaded and the version showed.


But it was just guess work so I wanted to see if anyone has anymore clarity.

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I installed both GOG patches and in the process the all the saves on my last two characters don't appear on the load screen, even though they are still in my saved game folder.  The save files from older games seem to work just fine.  If anyone knows a work around for something like this, it would be great know, already reported in the bug section.

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Yeah, The patching with GOG is a mess. Sadly, I don't even know who to blame! Obs or GOG.

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You should blame both, really. Obsidian for providing separate patches for main game and DLC which interact in some obscure manner and GOG for adding their own versioning into the mess and not providing any reasonable way of adding a clear description of install order when one is needed.

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I just dislike all these distribution methods today.  I know it has added a focal area for people in the Steam Clan.


However it has also added in times like these 2 or 3 more times the work and frustration because the communication back and forth is not happening.


I seriously do not understand the need for multiple patches though.

One patch and it checks for an expansion is how I have seen past games do something like this when they were patching the main game as well as the expansion.

It doesn't make much sense the way it is being handled.

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