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2.02(new bug) Bugged inventory count on main character



Description: Since updating to 2.02 newly created characters have a bugged inventory count while looking at the content of lootable containers. Instead of counting to 16 it counts to 18. Not sure if it is related but I am still getting the kickstarter items, despite being a normal GOG preorder.


Save + output file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9jgMl5BnHvLWU9ZczVLZzRkVmM/view?usp=sharing





To reproduce: loot the nearby container and look at the inventory spaces of the main character. The count is off by 2.


In order to eliminate the possibility of some issue with my install I fully uninstalled the game, checked that all files and directories were indeed deleted and then proceeded to download it again with Galaxy. All 20 GB of it. Bug still happens with the new install.


Edit: Disabling the preorder bonus from Galaxy also did nothing. I still get all 4 items and the count is off by 2.

Edit2: Used Galaxy's roll back function to go back to 2.01. Bug is gone and bugged saves are loaded correctly. So whatever it is, it was assuredly added in 2.02.

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