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I remember a Forum Post from before Launch in which it was mentioned, that you could sneak right next to your enemys and do a sneak-Attack, if you have Sneaking on "the highest skill level". Is this still possible?

I reskilled a Charakter to get Sneaking Level 12 and Enemys always see him in about ~10m Distance (in (upscaled) white March).


Is there any significant difference between the highest Levels of sneaking? My new Thief with Sneaking Level 12 does not seem have any significant advantage over other Characters with a medium high sneaking skill. Is ~10m as close as you get?

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Nono... your stealth level only influences how quickly you will be detected. The radius at which detection starts will be the same for everybody - but this little circle around you will turn red (=detected) immediately when you have no stealth points and it will take forever to become red when you have 12 stealt points. But you have to use the scouting mode. Without scouting no stealth. If you then take the backstab skill and scout towards your enemy and hit him before the circle turn red it's a backstab-attack that does +100% damage. If you don't have that talent it will be just a sneak-attack (+50%). That also works in the first two seconds oft combat if youre not stealthed. And of course you have to be a rogue...

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Yes there is no awesome mode sneak that makes them never see you like some other games.


Sneak in combat is good for playing traps and I suppose if you want to try your luck getting that initial backstab in.  But thats risky given all of the mobs will now target you and if any of them cast your going to get hit even if you are off screen.  So you essentially end up running back to the party and face smashing the mobs with your tank and wait for them to stop looking at your mage which is especially problematic if they are mages or archers.

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