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Concelhaut's hammer damage from summoning



Hey all, I was playing around the other day with the mini Concelhaut's summon and I noticed that his hammer does a huge amount of damage. I am wondering whether this is working as intended or not. The first time in fight fully scaled vs Thaos it did 800+ crit + 200+ burn(chanter buff) to him. I must mention I had  Thaos fully debuffed with weaken,frighten,-DR, miasma, petrify. I played again and this time I didn't use petrify just the usual prone,weaken and the hammer did 200+ graze and 50+ burn. I am not sure that it's supposed to do this much even if the target is weakened.



Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/scd9y1d2z9rh6j3/Screenshot%202015-09-25%2015.51.04.png?dl=0

Save before fight: https://www.dropbox.com/s/67jpq5w7nn4ohdl/eb6d1ec06341422e83162d0e4910a2d0%2017560982%20SuninShadow.savegame?dl=0

After: https://www.dropbox.com/s/it8lldpdwkr7eb0/eb6d1ec06341422e83162d0e4910a2d0%2017563525%20SuninShadow.savegame?dl=0

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So I checked this out again and I noticed that "Concelhaut's Doom" when cast by the player deals "normal" damage nothing crazy it can crit for up to 60-70 with debuffed targets! BUT when the same spell is cast from Concelhaut's miniature(lich) then it can hit/crit for insande amounts of damage as I say on main thread. You should check it out.

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