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Highest AOE damage per second: Wizard using DAOM and fast-cast AOE spells until he runs out of spells.

Highest AOE damage per spell and highest sustained AOE damagedealing: Wizard using DAOM and Blights with implement/blast talents or Spirit Lance.

When I said death before dishonour, I meant it alphabetically.

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Gotta go with a ranger on this, good dps, high accuracy, some crowd control and they come with a free melee rogue/tank/engagement slot taker upper and suicidal lemming when required :)

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Ninagauth's Shadowfire Fireball Fireball Fireball Ninagauth's Shadowfire Fireball Fireball Ninagauth's Shadowfire Ninagauth's Frozen(?) Pillar Ninagauth's Shadowfire


Wizard has the biggest aoe dmg and quickest on demand burst. Sometimes you want to make it slower, sometimes you want to nuke enemies to hell before they overwhelm you.


So my vote goes to wizard.


Rogue with Tall Grass...

Barb is 10x better with it :) especially with Durgan Steel.

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Wizard will be the best, at this and really anything else, with the only downside being micro+essentially setting the difficulty lower. If you don't want to micro, then Ranger's the best choice. High damage+mild tanking all in one, with limited need for any button input. Rangers Aoe damage is rather limited till endgame though, but with a Stormcaller it manages to be mediocre.

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