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What base skills do I need for special encounter checks and conversation?

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Not sure whether or not these numbers have been compiled anywhere but I am reasonably certain that no single character can meet every check or perhaps not even a majority of them for that matter - (assuming normal play since getting some stats high enough to meet every check would preclude getting others that high)

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I would like to pass as many checks as possible and experience as much as possible. What are the base requirements for all stats and skills for checks throughout the game? Including White March. If this has already been posted can someone shoot me a link please? thanks


Resolve is the most important attribute for checks. Intelligence is probably second place, Perception third. Might and Dexterity pop up rarely.


As for skills, Lore and Survival are probably the most frequently used in conversations, but they're not that important compared to the attribute checks. 


From my experience, you can use inns, wearable items and food to increase your attributes and skills to pass most of the checks in the game that you'll want to pass, if you build a balanced character.

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Lore seemed useless most times, you say pretty much what the NPC was or is going to tell you anyway IIRC.


One thing I sorta wish but it would probably be too much work is to tie my character's knowledge to the index so I can only know things after I read about them in books or came across the info other ways. Many lore checks were about things I had zero knowledge of when I first started.

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