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Mysterious corpses



Have anyone came across something like that? Corpses of creatures laying where no fighting have happened and where they shouldn't be in a first place?


I made a screenshot here:



That one is in House Doemenel (second floor), same corpse I've seen in Dunryd Row and few other places which I can't recall.


What's that?  :huh:

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I've had that too. It is the corpse of a wicht. Not sure of what causes the issue; it shows up in some maps and not in others.


Are you using the soulbound estoc? It summons Vessels sometimes. My guess is that corpses of the wichts it summons don't always disappear.

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Yeah, for some reason the corpses of dead summons from the Grey Sleeper soulbound esoc seem to sometimes follow you on area transitions, even without triggering combat. Sin tis with the wicht corpse and a reverant corpse, both decided to hang around on top of one bench in the caed nua main keep looking really glitched.


Back before the new savegame format many different summons were getting permanently saved in the mobiledata part of the savegame, this might be something similar.

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