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Help with getting back into the game

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Hi Everyone,


A long time ago, I played this game up to the end of Act 1. Since then, I completely forget the mechanics and nuances in the combat and character builds... and to be honest, I wasn't really that knowledgeable in the first place.


Now that the patch has come out, I heard that a lot of things have changed - including the main class I picked so long ago. I was a Cipher.


I forgotten so much that I was even debating starting over, but I fear if I did that, I may not ever finish the game. Truth is, I'm a 35 career woman who doesn't have too much time on her hands :) But I love games like this! I do slightly like to lean towards power-gaming, not because I don't want a strong challenge, but because I want to progress a little faster since I don't have too much time on my hands.


What are the best articles/guides/documents out there that I can read to quickly get myself up to speed? Maybe I can use a mod to re-roll my Cipher if things got really bad for her. But I fear maybe my party might be in a bad state now.





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Just a quick reply to some of the points you brought up in the original post:


  1. Every inn provides the ability, for some gold, to re-roll the stats of your main character and hired adventurers. So, you don't need to worry about being locked into a sub-optimal build now that some attributes have been adjusted.
  2. Ciphers have been re-balanced in terms of focus gain and spell power, but their play-style has not really changed.
  3. The only major concerns regarding game-play changes that you need to worry about are some of the new options (party AI), but the mechanics remain largely the same. Also, enemy AI has been improved so you may need to adjust to some of the tactical variances in combat.

I would suggest picking up your current save from the end of Act 1. You should be able to get back into it without much difficulty, the mechanics haven't been completely overhauled. 

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