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Last Bounty Hunter uncompletable because of Map-Reset



i already found it quite strange that every map of the bounty hunter quests has been resetted. I mean that i had already fully explored those maps. But for the bounty hunter quests i needed to explore them again and all old enemies have been there also.


But this was playable...


But for the final bounty hunter quest on heritage hill i can not enter heritage hill, because the key for the gate is missing, and so i can not get to the tower to kill "Ysly".


So i think this should be a bug that the maps reset for me?

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Hello rnd,


This is a known issue and we do have a bug in our database. But could you please upload a save file and an output log so I can add your information to our current bug? You can do that via dropbox. If you are having difficulties in locating those files, please click on the link in my signature.


Thank you for your support!

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