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Other question: do both arrows have the chance to proc special enchantments like prone/stun/confuse? That would be very useful because it would double the chance of causing an affliction.

Yes they do.

But chance would not be doubled. 50% twice results in 75% chance.

Vancian =/= per rest.

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Do the twinned arrows always both attack the same target or not? If they do, then it is 75%.


There are four cases, represented with A and B denoting a successfully applied effect with one or the other arrow:


1) AB

2) Ax

3) xB

4) xx


It is the same type of problem that you have to determine the chances of a dominant trait being passed on by two parents having one copy each of the allele (50% chance per parent, since genes come in pairs). The child has a 75% chance of inheriting the trait, because the only way for him not to inherit it is for neither parent to pass it on.


A Mendel square to calculate odds of a "dominant" effect (you only need one copy of it) being "passed on" from "parents" (the arrows) to "child" (the poor enemy)... a little unorthodox, but it works :p.

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What? Without twin arrows I had a chance of x% to cause an affliction. With twin arrows I have two chances. Two is two times one - so it's double! ;)

Sort of. I guess it depends how you define doubled. Like someone said earlier, 2 50% chances ends up being a 75% chance total, rather than 100%. 


That's the chance of both of 'em procc'ing.


It's like trying to roll a six on a d6. 3 dices... triple the chance. Rolling a 6 3 times in a row would be calculated the way you did it, which would be (1/6^3)%

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Twinned arrows + driving flight = 4 arrows per shot if there's a second target behind the first (driving seems a lot better now - they don't have to be that close). I think it's viable to skip penetrating shot. Bloody slaughter and load up on the +20% dam against spirits/beast/etc. feats or take the +pet damage talents.

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