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2.01 respec bug




There is major respec bug\exploit.

Skills doesn't reset during respec.

I've just started new character, leveled it to 4th lvl.

After 3 respecs i've got this skills:



You can understand, that this isn't intended.


Save file:



EDIT: this bug is only related to only current game\character. Have to remove it and start over after patch :(

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Sorry for my bad english.

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Yes, this also happened to me.  It was not a game specific bug, it is character specific.  I respecced another character just fine.  The bugged one is broken, no amount of going back to before respecc makes the respecc work for him.


Might have to delete that char.


//edit:  Important info.  The character that respecced properly went straight to char creation screen, the one that broke went back to game with char at level 1 and the gold + blinking.


Also pretty sure that the char that respeced properly was created before 2.0 and the one that broke was made after.

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No console comand were used. I've just started a new game. In Gilded Vale after Eothas Temple quest completion(and maybe other quests too) i've decideded to respec my druid(it was level 4 already).

First strange was that after giving money for respec, respec window not openened. Just game window with a "+" sign on my character's portrait.

When i clicked "+" i mentioned that my skills weren't dropped.

Maybe it's some class\race combination.

Sorry for my english original.gif


EDIT:Yes, it's related to class\race combination.

New game started a hour ago, same bug here.



As you can find, on every respec all your skills doesn't drops.

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Sorry for my bad english.

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