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Missing Steam sub-folders on mac



I installed this game on my Macbook Pro through Steam, and decided to install a portrait pack.


Problem is, there seems to no portraits folder in the Steam folder for the game (see screenshot). I have searched my entire drive for it and I have not been able to locate it.


I am guessing that the folder is part of the 14 GB PoE application file on Mac? .. and if so, there is no way to install new portraits?


If that is correctly understood, is that an issue due to it being installed through Steam or because that is how it works on a Mac?


I have seen it in some other games too (like Wasteland 2) where not all folders seem to be present, while others have all the same folders as in a Windows installation (like Crusader Kings 2), all through Steam.


I have searched the internet, but never seen this exact problem asked or answered, so I thought I would try here :)




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Hello StromenDK,


While you are in that folder, right-click on the PillarsofEternity.app and click on "Get Info" once there, delete the ".app" at the end of the file and it will turn into a directory. 


Once you are finished with adding the portraits you want, go back to "Get Info" and add ".app" back so will become an executable again.



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