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I received Kickstarter items for one playthrough.





I bought the white march expansion season pass on steam the moment it came out. I had started a new game and made a fire godlike and received  the kickstarter achievement. I had not backed it on Kickstarter.


I also received the Kickstarter items. I already had pre-order items.


However, when I started a new game with a death godlike neither the wurm not the cape were in my inventory. They are present in the save with the fire godlike.


Could I get a clarification on this? I really liked the wurm and would like to have it again if possible.


Thank you.

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Hey Audiodragon,


Looks like you got lucky with a bug. Could you please upload the save file and an output log from the fire godlike character where you unlocked the achievement? You can use a cloud storing site like dropbox to do that.


Try making a new character and see if you get those items again. Did you pre-order the base game?


Thanks a bunch!

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Hello Aarik D,


Thank you for the reply. The save file is in the link below. I used dropbox like you recommended. I don't know what an output log is, but I'll upload that too if you could elaborate on what it is.





I've also taken a screenshot, just in case. Here it is:




I unfortunately don't get the Kickstarter items when I make a new character, but I always get space Boo and the Pledge of Gaun because I pre-ordered the game.


Thank you for your time.

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