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Yes, I returned to Lady Webb, Also revisited Thornwood and other sites I cleared in that area.

Twin E still greyed out.


The only other thing I can suggest is to check your quest log, but I can't think of anything else you might have missed off the top of my head.


I would recommend posting this in the Technical Support forum, including a link to your saved game and log file on Dropbox. The Technical Support forum is the only forum regularly checked and answered by devs.

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I got it! Thanks to all! There was a link lower right in the Gorge, leads to Elmshore, then Twin Elms.


Does the spider pit in the Gorge have a useful reward?


Nice, I'm very glad of this. Boeroer ended up nailing it.


Which spider pit are you referring to? Lle a Rhemen? There upper entrance is beneath a lake which should now be drained. The lower entrance is through a cave. The most notable loot it has is Cladhaliath, which is only the most popular spear in the game, since you can customize it with two enchants that are different than (and stack with) the normal enchants you can put on weapons.


You might want to keep a save from just before you enter Lle a Rhemen though, because it is possible to make decisions in that dungeon that will not allow you to enchant the spear.

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