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Brave Derrim



And I've run into another bug with the Brave Derrim quest. Similar to the Guilded Vale bug, whenever I start the Brave Derrim quest, the game freezes. Unlike the Guilded Vale bug, I'm unable to even load a new file, I'm forced to Alt-Tab and close the game.


This is an odd one. Upon further inspection, it seems that the game doesn't quite freeze. Instead, it becomes somewhat unresponsive. The mouse cursor disappears, the Enter key stops functioning, effectively locking me out (along with locking out the ESC and Quickload key, which the Guilded Vale quest did not), however I'm able to progress through the quest if I Alt-Tab out of the game, position the mouse at the END DIALOGUE button, Alt-Tab back in, then click.


Here are my files. I've learned Dropbox!


Save File



Output log


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