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Constructs in Galvino's basement are insanely powerful!

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I played potd and chose auto-scaling enemy to my current level (12). Have done a few sidequests. So far most battles are challenging but enjoyable. However, the basement in Galvino's cabin was totally another story! Before engaging, most construct enemies displayed very low defences; yet once engaged, their defences rose to super high, ranging from like 190~300 (see my attachment for one example), which is impossible to defeat. Seems like auto-scaling too much to me. Anyone here had the same problem?


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Perphaps they have some active defense skill that raises their stats for X seconds? Still, if they are 1 at a time it doesn't seem all that bad. What's their accuracy though ?


They are also probably very vulnerable to freezing damage which is quite logical and raw dmg fields should be fine too even if they graze. Though I admit these defenses are rather ridiculous. Probably autoscaling+50% increase for POTD skyrocketted it.

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Doesn't seem like temporary buff for I used Deprive the Unworthy on it to no avail. The enemy amounts are like usual POTD=a lot. At some point unskippable I think there are 4-5 iron constructs each with 190 deflection and instant heal, plus other super hard-to-hit enemies. Not every monster had these ridiculous numbers though. That's why I can push to this stage.


Odd thing is I can't find these new enemies in encyclopedia except for one unstable construct, which was easier to kill. Anyway, I've given up playing POTD with high level option. If there is anyone who can push through these monsters you have my highest regard :biggrin:  

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