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[2.0] Bug with +stat items on main character.



I found a +2 perception necklace (Torc of the Falcon's Eyes), only it doesn't affect my main character (no +perception effects -- no effects AT ALL currently). It affects all of my companions fine; you can see their Accuracy and Interrupt increase, and the item appears under Active Effects, but not the main character. The Cloak of Protection (+5 defences) works fine on my main character, it's a problem with +attribute items apparently (or this one item in particular).


Saved game: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gnng5nbr2zwlh7x/388cd75581ba42b8a311bc0b918b3a93%207852044%20Valewood.savegame?dl=0


Easily verifiable. The cloak of protection is on Eder for comparison, torc of falcon's eyes is on my main character.

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Oddly, (a day and a half later -- don't think there's been a patch?) as soon as I found another item that gave me +1 attributes, the +2 started working. Not in conjunction naturally, but it seemed to break the +2 acting weird.


Gaun's flail is still broken though.

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Okay, I have a reproducible case here affecting everybody's favourite priest, and it persists through exiting and loading the game.


In the attached save, Durance has a ring of minor deflection +5 and a torc of the falcon's eyes +2 in inventory, which affect different characteristics, and he has no other magical equipment equipped, nor is he affected by any ongoing spells.

  1. If you equip one of them on Durance, that item's stat modifier is not applied. (Erroneous behaviour)
  2. If you equip both of them on Durance , both items' stat modifiers are applied. (Correct behaviour)
  3. If you remove one of the two when both are equipped on Durance, the remaining one's stat modifiers is applied. (Correct behaviour)
  4. If you remove both of the two when both are equipped on Durance, none of the modifiers are applied. (Correct behaviour)

...and you are ready to loop back to step 1, where equipping any one of them does not apply the stat modifier.



The output_log is from immediately after swapping the two items in and out of Durance's item slots a couple of time, making the save, and exiting the game.


73e497a8-3d51-4f84-b022-e64a37107086 quicksave.zip

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