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I see strange icons




When I select another char and then I select Aloth, I see this symbol.

I do not see such a symbol on any other char.

If I press the "print" button to make a screenshot, I select this spell.


In case I did create a hotkey, I have no idea how I did it. It is not written in the "control" options.

I have also no Idea how to remove it.




When I created this save, I saw this and Kanas chant icon was also jumping.

The jumping is gone now, though I did not load a file since then.

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Hello Madscientist,


Hotkeys are a feature that is part of the game. Instead of going through your abilities or spells, you can create a hotkey.

To create hotkey, just hover over a spell or ability and press a key, such as Q. So when you hit Q, it will select the spell/ability you want to use. 

To remove a hotkey, just hover over the hotkey and press the same letter you used to create the hotkey.


If you open your Journal, click on Cyclopedia and click on Tips. There you will find a small description about Hotkeys.


Thanks for your support!

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