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New Expansion Class: Warlock?

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Typical DnD warlock? has stacking DR in the form of fiendish resilience like DnD uses demonic powers and things?


Basically the way I'd set it out to be balanced yet strong is, A tanky caster, high base health/scale,Passive DR that gets stronger per level if u say get the talent or that could be their base beginning ability.


And in DnD Warlocks were ment to have much stronger spells than mages that were infinite and even in the games lore during the spell-plague warlocks were the only ones that wernt effected because it was the magic of their own soul and the infernal planes they drew from.


SO yeah to balance the spells Id say make them stronger and better, by say like damage or defense wise, but remove some really versatile options, only give 4 casts per spell level (cause infinite like DnD be a bit much) but only let them select TWO spells they can use during a fight and let their spell level pool itself be quite low for each level, like 5-6 spells or something.


With their last higher tier spells being able to turn into bats made out of darkness but not able to cast, for a really defensive mode, and a fiend form.

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I'm not sure that would work, since established lore so far doesn't even have things like demons, fiends, or even alternate planes of existence the way D&D has.

Does it not? aw god damn I was hoping so much for that lol, I've done a lot even solo'd the adra dragon, but I'm not past act 1 =<


Damnit lol.

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