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So, what's the new no-brainier Barbarian build for 2.0?

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With the Perception change, you can't really dump it anymore, and investing might be worth it.


So, maybe something like this?


Might 16

Dexterity/Constitution 16

Constitution/Dexterity 10

Perception 12

Intellect 16

Resolve 8

If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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My cloak of Lillith is gonna be great though, only losing 3 deflection for a lot of accuracy.


"A lot" being, again, 3 :biggrin:

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I would think that Barbarians now have an even greater incentive to build around CC on crit weaponry, particularly the Tall Grass pike. This was already reasonably effective and +10 accuracy should help a lot. For your build you'd take a Hearth Orlan with a standard DPS build similar to what any ranged character would use. Max PER and INT, dump CON and RES. The rest can be split as you see fit between MIG and DEX, though I'd personally prioritize DEX. You'll definitely be extremely squishy, particularly early on. A reach weapon and frequently incapacitating nearby enemies should mitigate this to some extent.


If anyone cares to test this let me know how it goes. I've been warning for a while now that bonus accuracy may boost CC to (even more) game-breaking levels of effectiveness.

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I think I'm going to try something like:


Might 18

Con 10

Dex 12

Perception 20

Int 13

Resolve 5


with Weapon Focus: Peasant and the +20% attack speed staff now that +speed enchant works. Speed, +10 accuracy, and +30 interrupt from perception with carnage should to a decent amount of interrupts as well as good damage.


Also might try dual-wielding hatchets (+10 accuracy from perception and +10 deflection from hatchets) and spears (total +15 accuracy) while I'm at it.

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Nice combination on a CC-Barb: dual wielding spears. Right hand: "Vile Loner's Lance" which is interfering and causes -5 defenses an hit - left hand:Cladhalíath with stun-on-crit and extra-damage-on-stunned-enemies. First you hit with the Loner's lance and lower defl. around you. Then you hit with Cladh. and stun them if you crit. Then again -5 def. and stun plus extra damage and so on... haven't tried this out though, but it sounds nice to me. Only thing is the weird look of wielding two spears.

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Also: you can get both weapons quite early and there are some other nice spears in the game. Even one with speed mod if I remember it correctly. "Danyula" or something like that. You get that in Lvl 11 of the Endless Paths I think.

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