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This is in General, so it should be spoiler free, but I'll put in spoiler tags and ask that folks who answer with critical path info do the same.



I'll leave it to the other erudite members of our little community to give detailed answers, but I believe you have to get to... Act III? to get to Twin Elms. So I would look at the quest log and make sure that you've done it. In fact, I think I was instructed to go to Twin Elms when in fact I *could* go.



On the other hand, I might remember it wrong, so keep a look out for what others say.

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I will try and avoid  spoilers or use a tag if needed.  Cantousent is on the right track.  However Act II is in some ways the meat and potato of the game.  There a lot of side-quests that if you XP, loot and just plain role playing fun.  First play I accidentally rushed through Act II on the other hand you can always return to areas you have visited so maybe it doesn't matter.

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I have been to every location on the map but can't get to Twin Elms. I am guessing that I have to get past the last level of Caed Nua?

I am currently at level 15 but I can defeat the creatures there to get to the next level.

no, cead nua has nothing to do with the rest of the game at all,

you need to finish the main quest in defiance bay to progress to act3

then the water in one area will lower, and you can pass it

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