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Microstutter workaround? Or am has this been patched?



So I am about 30 hours into my PoTD Ironman run and I seem to be getting a good amount of micro stutter.  Especially in the Temple of Skaen.  Its not playable or anything just kind of annoying as I have a very good PC.  I am at work right now so I forget the specifics but Its an i7 with 12 gigs of Ram and a GTX 770.  Runs games like Skyrim and Dragon Age Inquisition Flawlessly. 


I know this is likely not a system specs things but has a work around at least been figured out?  This is my second full playthrough the other was not Trial of Iron and I saved in many different slots.  What I would notice is the more saves I had the slower some of the features in the game would get..like hitting the load button etc.  If I would delete a lot of the saves the game would get a lot smoother.  It would still microstutter some though.


How can I check my FPS in game? thanks.



PS The game is very playable and its great I cant get enough of it.  Just wanted to see if I could do something about this issue.

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if there is a fix, we ain't seen one.  this were an issue noted in the beta by many folks.  we has had the problem since day 1, although it is a relative small issue for us.  given the insane number o' hours invested in the game, and as this ain't a fps or mmo, the issue kinda fades into the background for us.  is similar to the weird dialogue volume issue we get.  1 in 10 or 1 in 20 dialogues will result in a weird volume increase.  is annoying... particularly if our cat is sleeping on our desk at the time as it freaks.  even so, such silliness has become normal to us.


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