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[Bug] Stuck in combat (aka Combat of Eternity)



Currently completing lvl 13 of Endless Paths and unable to progress due to characters getting stuck in perpetual combat.


Have attached a screenshot of the area in which they get stuck, after taking on I think it is 3 or 4 Cean Gwla. I can run around, do whatever, but am unable to rest or leave the area or do anything not combat related.


EDIT: Currently running v1.0.6.0617 with IE mod enabled.


I haven't attempted to do it without IE, but I've never encountered this issue previously.


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Hey criddlegakes,


I apologize for the inconvenience.  Unfortunately, I require you to disable IE and see if that resolves your issue. So go ahead and give that a try , then I'll be able to help you if that issue is still occurring. Please upload a save file and an output log via Dropbox and post the link here.


Thanks a bunch! 

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I had this problem on level 5 with Aloth, i was able to end combat by attacking Aloth with my PC (Thinking killing him might cause whatever combat trigger he had to reset).


My Aloth character wouldn't move or take any action but there Endurance was regenerating

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