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  1. Hi forums I think this is my first "question" being asked. My game is fully up to date on steam and i have the expansions installed, pretty much all dlc except the voicepack one (can't remember the name) I'm at the point where i need to return on Queen Onekaza 2 but she won't talk to me about this quest. I think maybe i have done some bits in the wrong order and so some of the quest triggers happened in the wrong order maybe(?) my sequence of events is as such: 1. I had the quest to visit the watershapers guild (i have the watershaper member in my party, i'm totally blanking on his name!) 2. upon visiting the guild they have been attacked by naga and so i proceed downstairs, i clear the underground and speak with the npc to get the rod and her spirit appears for me to talk with, i then killed the naga down the stairs in the water and got a quest update, i think this is were i picked up the rod but im got a quest update after looting the npc before. 3. proceeded to loot the floor and then head back to the door to unlock it. 4. upon going through the door i noticed an item, i chose an option to take some of the essence and free a dragon, the room then moved to show a dragon flying away, after doing so i moved a little bit further in to the room and saw 4 circles each with items in the centre and then i entered a dialogue with the dragon (as though he was still here) i think i chose pretty much the same option to free him.. and keep some of his spirit/power, can't be sure on that. 5. returned upstairs and the npcs mention about the dragon leaving. 6. exit and leave the map and travel to Queen Onekaza 2 on the roof. 7. spoke with her and she discussed with me about Okaizu (i think that's the name of the hidden/lost island) and she spoke with my party member, mostly to go and checkout the trouble at the watershapers guild. 8. chat ended. when i speak to Queen Onekaza 2 i have 3 options, 1st option is to talk about the Hauna (i think), 2nd option is to talk about the Neketaka, 3rd option is to end dialogue. My quest log directs me to return to Queen Onekaza 2 to update her on what happened at the guild but there are no dialogue options. [edit] - i'll try to upload save files etc and screenshots later. Sorry for not reading how to post a bug first.
  2. I had this problem on level 5 with Aloth, i was able to end combat by attacking Aloth with my PC (Thinking killing him might cause whatever combat trigger he had to reset). My Aloth character wouldn't move or take any action but there Endurance was regenerating
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