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I saw that this morning and apparently made the mistake of thinking it was unworthy of mentioning. This forum never stops amazing me.



Yeah. I thought this was going to be a new character info or something. Not the fact that they decided to make Mara...err...Mira more attractive and hide it by changing her photo at the LA site.

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who is atton rand?

A scoundrel character in TSL. He is supposed to be like Han Solo and cannot be knocked out (If other npc's are standing.) :o He also used to look like a Homosexual. :ph34r:


You forgot about the Alien STD

:lol::lol: I didn't think a human could have sex with a different species...it makes sense with something like a Mandalorian or Echani, but not a Rodian or Wookie.... :blink: :ph34r: What has this forum done to me...



*Goes outside and vomits...*

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they must be changing the in-game model


Probably after the responses at this forum. I can imagine Feargus saying to the character designers: "Hey guys! i told you so, she IS ugly. Look at reactions at forums for christ sake!"

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