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The Expansion.   :yes:  Actually I enjoy trying out different characters seeing if I can do something in a different way, get a different ending to a quest.  Only played through once so far but have many hours of play time already.  Currently have a character I find challenging and interesting and will probably finish this play through.


Yes, I think it does have replay ability.

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Finished 2 playthroughs and on a third....so yes, replayability.

I'll probably stop for a while after this one and wait on the expansion.


Different ways to resolve quests, different factions to support (and related quests) and different endings based on your actions/decisions gives it replayability for me.

The various classes to try out helps too, along with different conversation options depending on your class and attributes.


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only %8.2 people finished the game so..


Once again, that statistic is worthless, since it doesn't take into account that people followed Obsidian's advice to start the game as admin from the folder instead through the client. But if you do that, the client is blind to what you are doing. It doesn't record playing time, it doesn't hand out achievements, which ultimately are the only way they can say if you finished or not.

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The main replayabilty for me is the all the different types of the classes and builds you can do, I think the story and writing is good, but is a little too focused and directed to provide much replay value on it's own.  Replays with full parties of adventurers have been more fun than using the companions, as it allows you to experiment a lot more.   I do wish the higher level combat as was challenging, as it causes the game to lose steam part way through.  I've played through 3 times so far, I'm taking a break for now, but will probably play again after several more patches and definitely when there is an expansion.

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