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[1.06 v617] [Quest] - At the Mercy of the Tribes



There are several inconsistencies if you choose to solve this quest a certain way...


  • if you go north and kill the Stelgaer without talking to the Fangs or the Treasure Hunters, the journal updates and tells you the name of the Mercenary Captain and what to do as if you discussed the problem with him beforehand
  • when you talk to Esmar, there is no option to inform him of the the cleared path to the north immediately; you have to first ask him why he can't flee towards the north (as if you haven't cleared the path)
  • Esmar doesn't take into consideration the fact that you approached from the north (he still complains about the Stelgaer when he should instead deduce that you cleared the cats already)
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Complete the quest the way I described in the first post. Look at the map here - http://guides.gamepressure.com/pillarsofeternity/guide.asp?ID=30017 ... 

  • go to point #2
  • meet Cwyneth
  • approach #8 from the west side without going to point #7 or #6 first
  • kill the Staelgar (notice that the journal mentions Esmar without the player ever meeting him)
  • talk to Esmar (notice how he acts as if the player hasn't approached him from the north)

This isn't a bug, per se... it's just that the game doesn't take into account an unusual way of completing this quest, and it treats the player as if he went about it the way the devs expected him to do (i.e. talking to the Glanfathans and/or Esmar after meeting Cwyneth in Northweald).

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