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Developer Commentary cutting short



Sorry if this has been posted before (nothing turned up in my forum search), but I've been having a problem with during my second playthrough.


I enabled the Developer's Commentary mode for my second go-round, but every time it triggers, the commentary is cuts off abruptly before it finishes. I'm reasonably sure it's nothing I'm doing, as several times I've simply sat idle, not even touching the mouse or keyboard, and the commentary still cuts short.


I know it's not a huge deal, but any help would be appreciated.

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I have had the same issue. I leave the screen as it is and don't open other screens during the commentary, but it cuts short quite quickly and abruptly. I turned it off in Gilded Vale for that reason, after having it on since the start of the game.

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I heard it's caused by being in fast-mode (I was having same problem - running around gilded vale in fast mode, entered the blacksmith's and the commentary cut out.)

Since turning off fast-mode for entering a new area (and first few steps therein to trigger the commentary), I haven't had it cut out.  Just leave fast-mode off until the commentary finishes.


Edit to add:  You CAN pause, open inventory (commentary pauses) etc and resume the commentary once you're done with no problems of cutting out.

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