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Would Eder make a good tank?

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Yes, ever since the new patch where they let us reconfigure his skills (and every other party member) from the beginning this has never been an issue. Good armor and skill allocation, along with good hardy food before a fight, will make up for any perceived attribute point distributions. You honestly don't need to min-max with a tank, his or her job is just to hold the line - often by plugging up a doorway. 

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I found him to be a great tank even before you could reconfigure his skills.  I found making an uber tank, unless you are playing PotD (which I have no experience with and so cannot confirm nor deny effectiveness there) is actually not only unnecessary but actually a waste.  Eder can both tank and do decent damage if built right, with the emphasis changing depending on what weapon set you equip him with. 

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I'm playing on PotD, first play-through, and Edér has made a fine tank thus far.


I'd say I'd definitely be able to complete it with him as tank, but haven't done so since I'm reading all the text.

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