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Minor Ring of Protection broken in -steam?



(Very minor spoiler warning)



I found a Minor Ring of Protection in Easternwood (in a hidden brick in the graveyard), and I tried to put it on Eder.... It didn't do anything.  I put it on my main character, and it increased two of the three stats it was supposed to affect.  I put it on another character, and it increased all three stats.  It appeared to increase stats that were below 50, but have no effect on stats above 50.


I've attached two screenshots of my attempt to have Eder wear it.  The first one shows the infobox for the ring, while it's in Eder's inventory (you can see it just to the right of the infobox):



The scond one shows the ring on Eder:



In both screenshots, you'll see that his Fortitude, Reflex, and Will are 70, 50, and 50.  The ring should increase them to 75, 55, and 55.


As the subject says, I'm using Steam version


Erik Harris

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^Does he already have an item increasing those stats? (e.g. minor cloak of protection)

Multiple items with the same increases don't stack - Check the character record sheet and see if the info is greyed out there and 'suppressed' written in brackets.

Might explain why it ups 2 of the 3 stats on your PC (maybe they've already got a ring of reflex or something)

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Thanks everyone, for the quick responses.  In most RPGs, these kinds of bonuses stack, so I didn't even think to look at that. It was just a coincidence that, on the two characters that I tried it on unsuccessfully, the stats not affected were at 50 or above, but on the third character, all affected stats were below 50.


My main character has Fulvano's Gloves, and Eder has the Minor Cloak of Protection, both of which were suppressing some or all of the effects of the ring.

Erik Harris

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