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So still no CDs/Boxes shipped yet?

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6 out of 8 threads you've started had been specifically on the issue of physical goods. Is it really that hard to bump your pre-existing threads, instead of starting meaningless new ones?


Blame the majority of backers who wanted this. Obsidian is only doing what the majority of backers voted for.




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No democracy here. And I don't think the backers voted for such delays on physical goods' shipments. The choice was : CDs later with 1.04 patch, or not ?

Given that TWO MONTHS have elapsed, I am probably going to give up and forget about the game because I hate digital-only game distributions. 




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well, guys I must have spoken too fast : I had the mail, the shipment was supposed to arrive "June 10, 2015 - June 12, 2015" (sic)... guess what ? It has not arrived. No tracking available, of course.

I can encourage anyone in this situation to write to Obsidian's support + Paradox support (webshop@paradoxplaza.com), telling them that you may want to get refund of your Kickstarter backing if they don't speed up a little and communicate... I'm so upset. Last chance is to see the goods arrive on monday or tuesday for me, else it will be a disaster.

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Mine (regular boxed set) arrived last week within the time stated in the email in good condition (Upstate NY - mailed from CA) - haven't opened box - looks fine a little minor damage on one corner.

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Both my copy for my Collector's Edition, and my brothers boxed copy arrived last week in MD in great condition.

"It is an extraordinary act of courage to come to know a stranger's pain. To even consider such a thing demands a profound dispensation, a willingness to wear someone else's chains, to taste their suffering, to see with one's own eyes the hue cast on all things -- the terrible stain that is despair."


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Well, so far I've received everything except the replacement cloth map. In Canada. I don't think I agree that it's a 'disaster', but I can certainly agree that it's damned annoying. However, given that there's the ability to DL a digital copy and play, there's really no reason to be completely bent out of shape about it. Yet.

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