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  1. If this makes anyone feel a little bit better, to my surprise I received the game discs in the mail yesterday. My boxed collector's edition was delivered two months ago. So here is a couple of pics.
  2. Trying contacting Obsidian in support, they will get back to you around two business days. I live in California, and it took almost a week to receive mine. What funny was it was USPS 1-Day Priority, but yeah...
  3. Wasn't the "thank you" postcard a Kickstarter only item? I'm only asking because I don't see a Kickstarter badge on your account. When you go to your PoE account and select your game package in the "Orders" tab, is the postcard mentioned under "what's included"?Here is a screenshot of my products: I found the info through this thread: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66609-confirmation-of-pledge-rewards/page-2 Hence I am a little confused...
  4. That means mine is missing then, I went ahead and emailed customer support. Hopefully this can be fixed.
  5. I just received all this in the mail, today. ^^ Is it supposed to come with a postcard, as well?
  6. Well that requires you to be a backer, though, and I sincerely doubt GordonFreeman is, based on his post. Yea...and what precise those a "backer" mean ? Those who help found the kickstarter, are those people called Backers....or ? Welcome to the forums, Mr. Freeman. Backers are great individuals who supported/pledged PoE back on Kickstarter or on their official website. You can still preorder the game here: http://buy.pillarsofeternity.com/
  7. Realism is in the eye of the beholder. And thus any game created is realistic based on the artists and minds behind it.
  8. For the printed version, it is included at the $250 pledges and up. I believe for the digital form it starts at the $35 pledges and up. In the latest update from Obsidian, you can purchase the collector's book by itself from select retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Random House. Hope this helps.
  9. I am going to go with option #1, the game disc being delayed will be nothing compared to the Pier Solar reprint. It has been over 2 years now, but it should be any day now. x3
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