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Request Help to identify specific POE Music in Soundtrack

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I've been digging through the released POE soundtrack for a specific music piece without success, so it is with reluctance that I am asking for assistance from fellow POE players to identify a soundtrack that I believe I would very much enjoy listening to.


I could't find a youtube video that plays that particular piece (yet) so I can't offer a link.


However for those who have access to the full Makings of POE documentary "The Road To Eternity", it is the piece that plays at the documentary's ending credits (at time: 1:23:03).


Will really appreciate any assistance that is offered.

... and it took me a week of nothing but eating, gaming and sleeping to complete :p

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I'm at work so can't check but if it's the song I think it is then it's actually the second half of another song, the end credits music just sounds like two separate pieces for some reason.

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Great track! Pity it is not on the soundtrack CD.

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That's the last part of the Caed Nua music :)  Starts at around 55 seconds


Actually ... I was looking for / asking about the first part of that Caed Nua track ...


Thanks for responding. :yes:  I had hoped to play it a bit on my mobile phone but since the in-game music file is in Ogg I had to sidestep that file format issue.  ;(

... and it took me a week of nothing but eating, gaming and sleeping to complete :p

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