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  1. I also had this issue until using your workaround even if the "symptom" was not the same. Now... it seems to work... but not without crashing my desktop manager (KDE). Hm... A bit annoying. I hope it will be fixed.
  2. Re, Okay, I have found the explanation for my bug... It was all because of the directory name. See below: drwxr-xr-x 3 home home 4.0K Jan 7 22:41 PillarsofEternity drwxr-xr-x 3 home home 4.0K Jan 8 14:01 PillarsOfEternity Steam placed my saved games in the repertory PillarsofEternity while Pillars Of Eternity was looking for saves in PillarsOfEternity location. So this was just a story about uppercase. :/
  3. Hello, I am also facing this issue on Linux. My saved games have been automatically imported from Windows to Linux by Steam but the game does not show any of them... I cannot even click on "Continue". I have seen that there are some manipulations for fixing it but they are only available for Windows as the locations to remove do not exist on Linux. Is there somewhere an help for linux users about this issue? Cheers,
  4. Is it possible to add it to the digital album on the backer portal? I would very like to add it to my flac files collection for RPG sessions.
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