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Long loading time, even with a SSD (no difference)



Following a Steam forum discussion (http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/617336568080284480/), I decided to post this issue here.


I have 8-10s loading screens when entering building, and 20-30s loading when exiting. Not counting the initial game loading. No matter if I use my HDD or my SSD (same time, more or less a few seconds).

According to people on the topic, with auto saves on, loading screens should be twice as fast, if not more.

So I went on youtube, and check random let's play. Some of them had long loading screens like myself, and others didn't. So it seems it's a bug, and quite frankly, it's annoying (speaking to Lady Webb is 1m30-2m from loading screen only).


It's not a computer issue. Loading times on numerous games like Battlefield 3, The Secret World, Age of Conan, Rome Total War 2 are really, really shortened by the use of my SSD. Not to mention simply booting windows.


Disabling autosave shorten the loading time by some amount, but it's still long. 7-8s entering, "only" 10-15s exiting.



I'm adding the Dxdiag to this post. I know my HDD and SSD are rather full, but as I said, it doesn't cause any issues with anything else.



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 If you're getting too annoyed at this install IEMOD and disable auto-saves, personally it cuts my area change times by 20%-60% depeding on how far in the game I am.


 The game keeps a copy of your current game's data in "C:\Users\???\AppData\LocalLow\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity\CurrentGame", for my current game in act 2 that's ~50mb. If you look throught it you'll find most save data is exported via a generic serializer, more or less meaning that the written data is probably 90% or more definitions. On area change all that stuff is read, compressed, and then stored in a single file at "C:\Users\???\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity", with savings seemingly being of at least 90%. The process of reading those 50mb of files, compressing it, and then writing the result to a 3-5mb file takes my 2 year old computer 4 second to do with 7zip, no reason to think the game does it any faster.


 So I think your options are either to use IEMOD to disable autosaves or find a hobby to pass time during area transitions.


edit: to any enterprising person with too much time on their hands wanting to write a savegame editor it looks like it would be possible to deserialize the data with sharpserializer and then reserialize it to an XML file which would not only allow changing any properties of the characters/inventories/quests but also of any already visited area :o

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This is a huge issue for me.  Load times are up to a minute when travelling to a new location.  Just checked the fixes on the latest patch and there's no reference to the the save/load times.   From a Layman's point of view this appears to be pretty poor coding, or if not it would be helpful if it was made known why this issue can't  be fixed!!?

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